Keeper / Sea Bastard – Split (Dry Cough)

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Keeper/Sea Bastard

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On January 17, 2015
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Downtuned Sludge Filth joining the USA and UK in international rampage.

777-AstralRebirthThis split brings together 2 of the most oppressive sounding bands to come from opposite sides of the Atlantic. First up is Keeper who hail from California and bring to the table a 14-minute dirge “777” which has a slow punishing beat with a guitar riff that lurches along at a torturous pace only split up by the odd discordant moment. The Drums accentuate every horror filled moment of this track, before a squealing feedback ridden solo adds to the uneasiness of the track. Vocally this is akin to Martin Edgemont (Edgy 59) from Burning Witch, sounds like screaming whilst being strangled. Overall this is a top notch track which will have you on the edge of your seat. Sea Bastard from the UK have been around since 2011 with 2 full lengths under their belts and have been making waves with their live performances and are due to play at this year’s Temples festival. The offering here is a 20 minute hymn of despair continuing on from 2013’s “Scabrous” offering. “Astral Rebirth” is a sprawling track that goes through the moods of despair, violence, nothingness and every other negative that is possible. The sheer weight of the riffs against the minimalist leads and the almost tribal sections in parts presents an enjoyable trip for 20 minutes which ends in a barrage of feedback. If you are not into this sort of music this record will further convince you of that fact, for lovers of such misery will lap this up. The mix and production suit this music perfectly and has captured the sonics as they should be heard.

Track Listing
Keeper – 777
Sea Bastard – Astral Rebirth

Keeper Band Members
Jacob Lee Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Penny Keats Guitars, Drums, Vocals

Sea Bastard Members
Steve – Bass
George Leaver – Drums
Oli – Guitars
Monty – Vocals

Downtuned Sludge Filth joining the USA and UK in international rampage.

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