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On 22 February 2019
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Release date: 17/01/19.
Length: 37:25.
A thoroughly enjoyable heavy metal album. A breathe of fresh air.

Power trio M.A.D released this their debut self-titled album on 17/01/19. Members hail from the United States and Brazil, and their songs are inspired by stories of insane individuals, scientists and priests. For me, this is a little different from my usual genre and I have to admit that these guys are a breathe of fresh air.

They may be called M.A.D, but far from it is the music. There’s a parallel feel to Queensryche, especially through Jesus Alonzo’s lyrics. ‘Reinventing Life’  demonstrates this. This is actually a very, very good metal track. As is ‘Shades of I’  which sounds eerily similar to Iron Maiden’s ‘Hallowed By Thy Name’  in parts.

‘Portals’  now brings us a ‘Tenacious D’ feel. It’s a short but comforting ballad. No drums, just eerie guitar. Nice. ‘Thief Profane’  takes us back to where the album first started. This is more of a power-ballad style track to start with but not too slow. It then unleashes into a spinning tirade before presenting a very catchy chorus. It’s great stuff to listen to this I have to admit. ‘To Travel Beyond’  starts with an absolute killer riff. Very, very Black Sabbath. These sort of tracks are why I love reviewing albums. Every now and again you hear a song that you will never forget the first time you heard it. This is another of those songs. Best song on the album by a country mile. Have a listen to it on the YouTube link above.

I have to say the lyrics are very deep on this album. It would be good to get an interview with these guys to learn more about individual influences behind the songs. It would be very interesting indeed. As we reach ‘Yemanja’  we go towards Tenacious D again. This is another great ballad. Lovely guitar work, almost cowboy-like with a nice beat and laid back feel.

‘Surveillance State’  holds one of the best new guitar solo’s I’ve heard for a long time. All 1min 17secs of it. This is an absolute rocker from start to finish and bears some disturbing lyrics. ‘Inside My Fridge, under my bed, behind the stove, inside my head. Such a great thought process.

We end with ‘Die As you Will’  which is another track full of energy. It’s probably the strangest track on the album as it shifts between chaotic speeds and strange guitar chords. It all works, just as this whole album does. The difference here is the lyrics. They give the whole package another dimension. These guys have a lot to say, listen to them.


Track Listing:

1 – Twelve Gates

2 – Reinventing Life

3 – Shades Of I

4 – Portals

5 – Thief Profane

6 – To Travel Beyond

7 – Yemanja

8 – Surveillance State

9 – Die As You Will



Line-up:   Jesus Alonzo – Vocals / Guitars  –  Jon Du Bose – Bass / Rhythm Guitars  –  Matheus Manente – Drums



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Release date: 17/01/19. Length: 37:25. A thoroughly enjoyable heavy metal album. A breathe of fresh air.

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