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On 4 December 2018
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A good album for P.O.D fans.

90’s nu-metal band P.O.D are back with a new album – Circles. A Christian metal band, Payable on Death (abbreviated to P.O.D), they’ve had remarkably few lineup changes, with the current lineup being the same as the band had in 1994. For this album P.O.D teamed up with L.A. production duo, the Heavy. Circles is the band’s tenth album, and first since signing to Mascot label group.

So what can you expect from P.O.D in 2018. Well there’s plenty of rap, plenty of riff-heavy metal, lots of energy, some Reggae and various other elements thrown in too. I’ve got to be honest – nu-metal isn’t a genre I’m a massive fan of, but there are exceptions – some bands stand out due to the quality of their work, or by sounding different. P.O.D are a very good band, and while it’s not an album I’d buy, I can confidently say this is an album that’s likely to go down well with their fans. In the past I’d have predicted it would get plenty of airtime on Scuzz TV, but now we’ve lost Scuzz then that just leaves Kerrang as the only rock/metal TV channel. My bet is that Kerrang are likely to play the videos from this album a lot.

Check out the video for “Rockin’ with the best”..

A good album for P.O.D fans.

“Circles” is out now via Mascot records/Mascot label group

Track listing:

1. Rockin’ with the best
2. Always Southern California
3. Circles
4. Panic attack
5. On the radio
6. Fly away
7. Listening for the silence
8. Dreaming
9. Domino
10. Soundboy killa
11. Home

A good album for P.O.D fans.

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