Phonopaths – Sandwich, Ducks and Dishwashers: The Chronicles of Supertaste

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On February 27, 2019
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Release date: 01/03/19.
A bold statement of intent from this French band. Strange in many ways, but strangely good in others.

Wow. Where do I start with this one? Ok. Let’s start how I always start, by introducing the band in question. Phonopaths are a two piece experiment from Paris,France. They mix techno / experimental metal / thrash together into one and come up with something that I have never heard before. These guys are definitely a band making a statement as this album is a tirade of weirdness! It isn’t music you can sing along or tap your foot to, nor is it music that you would be inclined to turn off after hearing the first ten seconds. It is, in a way, indescribable. But I will try my best to describe it.

When the review request came through via email it stated: ‘We are Phonopaths. We are a bicephalous consortium born in 2017 while the turnip constellation alignment with the Uraniun eclipse of the interenthalpic tricycle of Andromede.’ You then know you’re in for a bumpy ride. But, everyone is treated equally at PlanetMosh and it’s no different for Phonopaths. It continues: ‘The album tells the story of a gnome named Oro who quit his job, guardian of the Great Portal, to make the most wonderful sandwich of all.’ You get my drift??!!

And so to the music. As explained, this is never going to be everybody’s cup of tea. It starts well with ‘Chasing The Big Sandwich’  as it drives in very heavy and powerful. But it isn’t long before the track takes a strange twist as it introduces murderous screaming and haunting vocals. It’s bizarrely confusing as it doesn’t seem to have any structure to it. I actually think 2nd track ‘Readysh’  is a great tune. It’s again full of power and strangeness but there’s something that draws me to this song. Whether it’s the fact that some parts are a bit weird, or the fact that some parts are musically brilliant. I can’t work it out. But I do know I like it, as I do ‘Down with the Over eater of Ducks Egg Omelets’.  The formula here isn’t changing so as the album goes on you know what to expect. It’s less of a shock.

Phonopaths tracks are imaginative and fun, but also very hard to listen to and comprehend, mainly because of the strange and sometimes lack of structure to them. The band occasionally throw in some psychedelic elements, and there’s a few instances where they sound quite similar to their fellow countrymen Dronte whose album I reviewed a couple of weeks ago.

It’s a very testing album even for someone like myself. However I have  enjoyed it, despite it’s challenges!! For a band to be able to play different styles of music and incorporate them into each song, together with playing at the intensity they do, takes some doing and musicianship. These guys have their own identity and are proud of it. I think Phonopaths will be a very interesting prospect live.

Track Listing:

1 – Chasing The Big Sandwich

2 – Readysh

3 – Down With The Over Eater Of Ducks Egg Omelets

4 – OroNirik

5- Trail To Trail To Hell

6 – Bullyshwashers

7 – Supertaste

8 – AnArchik Kream Party



8oris – Guitar / Bass / Arrangements   – Wonky Joe – Chants / Lyrics / Arrangements


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Release date: 01/03/19. A bold statement of intent from this French band. Strange in many ways, but strangely good in others.

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