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On 19 May 2019
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Overwhelming. Utterly overwhelming. A tour de force of epic proportions!


Rammstein  have most certainly divided opinion since their formation in Berlin 1994. Their latest self titled seventh studio album, released by Spinefarm/Universal has been a long time coming, 10 years to be precise but it’s well worth the wait! The cover is of an unstruck match which may be a teaser for what they are going to unleash on their forthcoming World tour. As ever, the lyrics are still delivered in their native tongue which add an extra edge to their songs. Their fan base is so dedicated that they belt out the lyrics back to the band in German wherever they play. A music video on YouTube for ‘Deutschland’, the first single taken from the album received 19 million views in just 4 days!

The sextet have kept the same line up since forming and have vowed that if anyone leaves then that would be it, such is their closeness so much so, they have self produced the album and it sounds nothing short of monstrous, point proven by opener ‘Deutschland’ (Germany). Angry hornet like keyboards are blasted away by shockwave riffs, jackhammer drumming as it heads off into the twisted mind of lead vocalist Till Lindemann as he manically whispers until he bellows during the powerful choruses. Wiry guitar lines hypnotize during the militaristic pounding outro. ‘Radio’ is a sure fire rock disco floor-filler as rhythms bounce around quirky keyboards. Riffs hit hard like demolition balls as the vocals shift from psychotic in the verses to more laid back in the choruses.

Just when you think it can’t get any heavier, ‘Zeig Dich’ (Show Yourself) unleashes itself, that must have had the recording levels in the red. It’s an adrenaline rush that picks you up and leaves you shaking after 4 minutes of raging industrial metal. ‘Auslander’ (Foreigner) is keyboard dominated with techno like stabs and robotic bleeps. Riffs scythe as Till delivers like a public announcer. The riffs in ‘Sex’ grind like the Earths tectonic plates, backed by mountainous drumming and huge choruses. ‘Puppe’ (Puppet) features a truly disturbing vocal that echoes the harrowing subject of the song as Till wrenches every bit of emotion he can muster from his soul. Sparse keys and guitar chords lead into a full on bleak outro. Bass guitar is pushed high in the mix during ‘Was Ich Liebe’ (What I Love) that prepares a pounding base for a lascivious vocal.

‘Diamant’ (Diamond) is a short, beautiful piece. Lullaby like keys shroud a spine tingling vocal delivered with 100% conviction. ‘Weit Weg’ (Far Away) is almost progressive rock in its approach. Once again keys dominate as they raise their heads high over Godzilla stomp riffs. ‘Tattoo’ is a signature Rammstein earthshaker. The intensity never lets up as they knock out musical body blow punches throughout. The album eases out with ‘Hallomann’ (Announcer), a throbbing dose of electronica and pulsating guitars.

Rammstein album track listing :-

Deutschland (Germany).


Zeig Dich (Show Yourself).

Auslander (Foreigner).


Puppe (Puppet).

Was Ich Liebe (What I Love).

Diamant (Diamond).

Weit Weg (Far Away).


Hallomann (Announcer).


Rammstein band line up :

Till Lindemann  Lead vocals.

Richard Z. Kruske – Lead guitar/backing vocals.

Oliver Riedel – Bass guitar.

Paul Landers – Rhythm guitar.

Christian (Flake) Lorenz – Keyboards.

Christoph Schneider – Drums.




Overwhelming. Utterly overwhelming. A tour de force of epic proportions!

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