Red Peach – Mazunte

red peach - mazunteRed Peach is an electro-rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada.  The band consists of Spanish singer Eugenia Canalada (vocals) and Mexican musicians Pablo Gonzalez (Guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, synthesisers), along with Adrin Himmelheber (Bass) and Fernando Truela (Drums).

Right from the start this album annoyed me.  At the start of each track they have a spoken introduciton to tell you what track you’re about to hear.  No other album by any other band feels the need to do this for a good reason – it’s annoying and spoils the flow of the EPIf I want to know the song titles I’ll look at the track listing.

Brief comments on a few tracks

The album opens with “Jalear”.  With it’s lyrics in spanish, the music also has a latin feel to it.  It’s a good track to start the album off.

Second track “Fank” starts with wailing vocals which are then interrupted by the introduction.  It’s got an interesting funk style rhythm to it.  The song appears in a heavily remixed form later in the album.

Although it doesnt appear on the EP cover track listing, there is an 8th song on the EP.  It’s an English version of the opening track Jalear.

This is an interesting release.  Without the spoken track intros I’d have enjoyed it better.  The remix of Fank didn’t really work that well in my opinion, but the rest of the tracks sound very good.  There’s an interesting mix of rock and latin influences, and the electro side is a lot less prominent than I’d expected.  Definitely worth a listen if you fancy trying something different.

Track listing:

1. Jalear
2. Fank
3. Lazarus
4. If we could
5. Si Fuera
6. Lazaro
7. Fank (EU remix)
8. Jalear (English version)

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