Rock Goddess – It’s More Than Rock And Roll

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Rock Goddess

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On 26 June 2017
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A welcome return from this fiesty trio!!

Rock Goddess – It’s More Than Rock And Roll

After 30 years Rock Goddess have returned with ‘It’s More Than Rock And Roll’; a hard hitting slice of Hard Rock/Metal.  They have delivered a statement of intent of what I hope we can expect more of in the not too distant future. When Rock Goddess released their debut album back in 1983 the world was a very different place in the metal  and as back then they have come out with a recording brimming with attitude and quality songs.

The title track is a mid paced sing along rocker with a superb back bone augmented by a classic heavy metal guitar tone. Jody Foster’s voice still has buckets of power ranging from her raspy and gritty tones right up to the high registers, the sound created when backed up by Tracey and Julie is quite astounding.  In the live arena they carry this off perfectly as well. “Back Off” is more of the mid paced solid riffing style with an instantly catchy chorus which will be perfect for the live arena. The final track of the ep “We’re all Metal” is as the ludicrous title suggests a great slab of good fun metal with a chugging guitar line and a gang style chorus. There is a lot of energy on this EP and  I would highly suggest going to see them live, a great act that appear to have lost none of the fire from 30 years ago which is quite a feat in itself.


  1. It’s More Than Rock And Roll
  2. Back Off
  3. We’re all Metal

Band Members

Jody Turner- (lead vocals/guitars)
Julie Turner – (drums/backing vocals)
Tracey Lamb – (bass/backing vocals)


Rock Goddess

A welcome return from this fiesty trio!!

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