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On October 13, 2018
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Ross The Boss Band orchestrated thirteen call to arms battle hymns.

Jeez. Where do you start to capture in words just how momentous this Ross The Boss Band gig was at Eleven last night? It was to be the last leg of the UK tour before heading off to Spain today and a totally over the top set contained a few unexpected gems that left an old Manowar fan like myself lost for words.

Ross The Boss
Ross The Boss Band

I had been looking at Setlist FM during the week to keep an eye on the songs played and, it was more or less the same but, it was turned on its head at Eleven. The front barrier was full of expectant fans as we were treated to a full Manowar set, apart from an instrumental number ‘Great Gods Glorious’ (which gave lead vocalist Marc Lopes a brief rest from his lung busting performance) from Ross’ 2010 Hailstorm album and ‘Fistful Of Hate’ from current release By Blood Sworn.

]Ross The Boss
Marc Lopes

The band, completed by Mike LePond on bass and Steve Bolognese on drums fired on all cylinders as the intro music gave way to an apocalyptic ‘Blood Of The Kings’ containing some glass breaking screams from Marc. ‘The Oath’ saw some dextrous soloing from Ross at the ripe (young) age of sixty four and ‘Sign Of The Hammer’ from the album of the same name lived up to its title as it pounded our eardrums. The advertised Hail To England album midsection, eased in with an unexpected ‘Hatred’ that provided more doom than our current government could muster up. Then it was time to lose my mind and my voice to the bludgeoning ‘Blood Of My Enemies’ and the adrenaline rush of ‘Kill With Power’ featuring a mighty crowd response of “Die die!”. The aptly titled ‘Hail To England’ was also bellowed back to the band.

The aforementioned ‘Great Gods Glorious’ preceded the statement of intent that was ‘Fighting The World’ featuring some hammer blow drumming. Song of the night, for me could only be ‘Battle Hymn’ which united the band and crowd as one as we sounded the charge into glory ride. They left us reeling with a dynamic duo of ‘Thor The Powerhead’ and a rapturous ‘Hail And Kill’.

The band came out for photos and autographs and it was time to head back home to Valhalla (otherwise known as Crewe). Thanks go out to Steve Sty Jones and Nick Grimley for use of their live photos.

Ross The Boss
Ross The Boss

Ross The Boss band setlist : –

Blood Of The Kings.

The Oath.

Sign Of The Hammer.


Blood Of My Enemies.

Kill With Power.

Each Dawn I Die.

Hail To England.

Great Gods Glorious.

Fighting The World.

Battle Hymn.

Thor The Powerhead.

Hail And Kill.


Ross The Boss Band orchestrated thirteen call to arms battle hymns.

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