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The Karma Effect

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On 11 April 2022
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The Karma Effect effectively impress with their self titled debut album. These eight songs will fill your heart with joy!

Not even an ensuing Covid pandemic could stop London based The Karma Effect from forming and writing eight songs in solitary bedrooms and zoom calls for their self titled debut album, now recently released via TMR Rock Records.

The album is brimming with self confidence and quite rightly so due to the sheer quality of its contents as it opens with ‘Steal Your Heart’, the first single taken from it. An intro of barroom boogie vibes backed by a histrionic lead vocal heads off into snare drum driven hard rock and swirling keyboards add a prog rock touch.

A lone vocal and choppy guitar intro precedes fiery funk rock and soothing backing vocals to the shimmering ‘Doubt She’s Coming Back’ that contains a sad couplet of “Left one last kiss on my lips before she shoots from the hip”.

No mercy is shown in ‘Mercy’ as the huge grooves drive along this stomping rocker courtesy of kick drums and touches of tasty wah-wah.

A bonafide tearjerker sees ‘Stand’ ebb and flow on a heart worn on the sleeve vocal that explodes into life midway on sultry slide guitar and closes on the line “If I let you down will you help me stand?”.

‘Wrong Again’ is a sassy classy dose of Motown tinged bluster backed by earworm guitar lines that weave around a soaring lead vocal to portray a betrayal of trust.

The heaviest song here comes from ‘The River’ as it bursts its banks to create a tidal wave of headbangingly heavy rock to wash the blues away.

The band hold court to let ‘Testify’ put the power into this power ballad that muscles up towards fretboard burning guitar solos.

A breathtaking final track for this highly impressive debut is the gospel drenched ‘Save Me’. A spotlight stealing lead vocal sets the scene for ear caressing melodies and an outro that has to be heard to be believed!

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The Karma Effect album track listing :-

Steal Your Heart.

Doubt She’s Coming Back.



Wrong Again.

The River.


Save Me.

The Karma Effect band line up :-

Henry Gottelier – Lead Vocals/Guitar.

Robbie Blake – Guitar.

Seb Emmins – Keyboards.

Liam Quinn – Bass Guitar.

Ash Powell – Drums.

The Karma Effect effectively impress with their self titled debut album. These eight songs will fill your heart with joy!

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