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On 16 April 2019
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Release date: 12/04/19.
Length: 41:00.
A great Nu-Metal / Hardcore album. Up there with the best.

Through The Noise  are a five piece Hardcore Metal band from Malmo in Sweden. Formed in 2013, the band boast a unique raw and aggressive sound, very similar to Linkin Park and Sworn Amongst, a band who I recently reviewed their latest release ‘Reclamation’.

Dualism is the second album from these guys and it’s a very good album indeed. Opener ‘Shattered‘  sets the pace of the whole album as each song borders thrash but also maintains it’s technical and melodic element. Each track is powerful, full of speed and production-wise it’s perfect. It sounds beautiful.

The musicianship in ‘Psychomachia’ is stunning. These guys can play!! This track boasts a crunching opening riff and it makes it one of the best songs on offer here.

The attack remains the same throughout this album. Heavy, angry verses followed by melodic choruses. ‘House Of Asterion’  gives us some shades of Anthrax in parts but as we reach ‘Digital Playground’  you can really feel the album getting into full swing. A thumping number with some great speed changes and some interestingly angry lyrics.

‘Secret Project’  has more feel and depth to it and comes across as another standout track. Peter Liwgren’s drumming is a highlight here. Some great double-bass work making the track sound even tighter than what it already is. ‘Maktbegar‘  is another instance of what this band are capable of when it comes to Nu-Metal / Hardcore. In fact, each and every song on this album will hold it’s own anywhere in this genre, including ‘Meaning Through Noise’  which is pure thrash throughout and is stunningly the best song on this superb and thoroughly enjoyable album.

Track Listing:

Dualism Cover

1 – Shattered

2 – Psychomachia

3 – House Of Asterion

4 – Digital Playground

5 – Secret Project

6 – Deceiver

7 – Maktbegar

8 – Meaning Through Noise

9 – Beyond Betrayal




Jowl Nyberg – Vocals   /   Victor Adonis – Guitars   /   Markus Skantz – Guitars

Martin Lingonblad – Bass   /   Peter Liwgren – Drums

Through The Noise


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Release date: 12/04/19. Length: 41:00. A great Nu-Metal / Hardcore album. Up there with the best.

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