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valensole-online-promo-shotUK Punks VALENSOLE release their breathtaking new EP ‘Where We Should Be’, on Friday 3rd March. Elliott, Nick, and Dave from the band filled us in on their background:

What is the full band line-up, who plays what?

We operate as a 3-piece, but we play live with varying session drummers. Elliott’s on vocal duty and rhythm, Nick plays lead guitar and Dave slaps bass and does backing vocals.

How and when did the band form? Tell us anything interesting about your hometown.

Valensole formed at the beginning of 2016 following the dissolution of our previous band Five Miles North of Nowhere. We thought we should try and write some melodies, instead of screaming all the time. We formed whilst at Uni in Southampton, although the Jones’ are Welsh and Dave’s from Gloucester, we have made a base here for ourselves.

When and how did the band really start gelling and solidifying?

Having previously worked together in a different band, we were already pretty well gelled. Musically, Valensole is very much a new direction and we have spent this whole year writing and solidifying what is to be our debut EP.


What are your musical influences?

We all vary in our musical influences but excel in bringing them together, which adds different perspectives when creating songs. Elliott is very much influenced by punk rock bands; such as Green Day and Sum 41, but also by bands like Oasis and Foo Fighters. Nick is mainly influenced by alternative bands including: Biffy, Reuben, Jeff Buckley, and Tool. Dave brings in the heavier influences from hardcore punk bands like Every Time I Die, The Chariot and Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes.


If a deaf person were to ask you to describe the sound of your music, how would you describe it?

Like a surge of electricity making your hair stand on end and blood pressure rise, followed by a great lack of inhibition and optimism.


Do you have a tour on the horizon?

We have many a plan being put in place for 2017.


Where can we find your social media sites?

You can follow us on:

Facebook @

Twitter @

Instagram @

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