Warsenal – Feast Your Eyes

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On November 17, 2019
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Release date: 15/11/19.
Running length: 36mins 31secs.
Throwback thrash!!!

Canadian trio Warsenal bring us their second full length album ‘Feast Your Eyes ‘ and it’s like warping back in time to the early 80’s for me as this is so similar to very early Iron Maiden material. I’m talking Maiden’s self titled debut and ‘Killers ‘. It has the sudden speed bursts and similar guitar riffing. The same can be said about the vocals too. Very D’Ianno.

But the similarities don’t stop there. Throw in some Anthrax, Exodus, Megadeth etc…. you get the drift? This is Warsenal. Proper speed metal / thrash. Just like we all remember. Production-wise it’s brill. It has that rough, analogue sound to it. Almost enough to make you think ‘Is this a long lost album recorded in the 80’s that was never released?’

Mat’s guitar-work throughout this album is something else. He’s all over the fretboard pulling out some great riffs within each track, with each track boasting it’s own unique quality, driven by speed changes and mid-sections.

‘Insatiable Hunger ‘ is sooooo Exodus. ‘Piranha ‘ comes to mind instantly. You could take this album one of two ways. Is it just an 80’s throwback, or do these guys really mean business. For me it’s the latter. It’s relatable in many ways. Mine’s my youth. Check it out. Definitely worth a listen.

Track List:

1 – Forever lost   2 – I Am The Blade   3 – Lords Of Rifftown   4 – Insatiable Hunger   5 – Doomed From Birth

6 – You Better Run   7 – Burning Ships   8 – Feast Your Eyes   9 – Crystal Whip


Mat – Guitar / Vocals   /   Jeffrey Millaire – Bass Guitar   /   Vincent – Drums


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Release date: 15/11/19. Running length: 36mins 31secs. Throwback thrash!!!

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