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Circle 7 – In between

Circle 7 are a hard rock band from San Diego, California.  It was formed by Daniel Cease and Ryan Holliday who first met in school and since then have been involved in several bands and projects.  In 2006 they formed Circle 7, and three years later they released their first record, “Uninvited life”.  Since then they have changed vocalists and spent a year writing their new album – In between.

There are plenty of good heavy riffs, the song writing is pretty good, the vocals are good – so it should be a great album, but I was left feeling slightly disappointed.  It’s not strong enough to really stand out and to live up to the potential that clearly exists.  I think the problem is the lack of any songs that are really memorable – they need a really grat song that will make people sit up and take notice if they’re going to succeed, but this album just doesnt have that killer track.  It’s not a bad album by any means – it’s just a good album that fails to stand out from all the other good albums enough for you to want to spend your cash on it.

A good album, but there’s nothing to really make it stand out.

Rating:  6/10

Circle 7 are:

Simon Alcantara – Vocals
Daniel Cease – Drums
Ryan Holliday – Guitars/vocals
Isaac Rasucher – Guitars
Ryan Welcher – Bass

Track listing:

1. Dare
2. Rebel soul
3. whole
4. Cage
5. Free
6. Chasing bullets
7. In between
8. Vermin
9. Army
10. Drain
11. Bury me

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