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On February 10, 2020
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A fantastic album from this great Swedish band.

Way back in the 80s when you said “Stadium rock”, the name that came to most people’s minds was Bon Jovi. Sadly it’s been many years since they made any great new music, and live shows have declined too. Happily there are bands making great stadium rock music today, and one of the best is Swedish band H.E.A.T. They’re set to release their new album at the end of February 2020. Entitled H.E.A.T II it’s an odd name given that it’s their 6th album (their debut album, H.E.A.T was released in 2008), but they explain the title by saying “This is what we would sound like if we made a debut album in 2019, hence the title”.

Check out “Dangerous ground” from the new album…

It’s been a three year wait since the band’s last studio album (Into the great unknown) but the wait was made easier for fans by the release of their second live album, “Live at Sweden rock” in July 2019. Once fans hear this new album though, the wait will feel like a price worth paying as this is one hell of a good album. In fact it’s so good that while I’ve had the album for several weeks, I’m only now writing the review – it’s such a good album that I’ve loved playing it multiple times a day, and I know that once the review is done I’ll have to move on to another album.

Check out the video for “Rise”…

Normally I’d comment about tracks that stand out as particularly strong or weak, but I can’t do that here – they’ve made an album that could easily be 11 singles. It’s such a strong album from start to finish. It’s only early in the year but I’d bet that come December this album features on a lot of peoples “top 10 albums of the year” lists.

A fantastic album from this great Swedish band.

Track listing:

1. Rock your body
2. Dangerous ground
3. Come clean
4. Victory
5. We are gods
6. Adrenaline
7. One by one
8. Nothing to say
9. Heaven must have won an angel
10. Under the gun
11. Rise

A fantastic album from this great Swedish band.

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