Hammerfall – Dominion.


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On June 18, 2019
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A dozen screaming power metal dizbusters from Hammerfall.

As Queen once said, “You know it’s time for the hammer to fall” and it will on August 19th as Swedish power metallers Hammerfall unleash their eleventh studio album Dominion via Napalm Records.

They hit hard and heavy from the off as ‘Never Forgive, Never Forget’ bludgeons with big powerchords from Oscar Dronjak and Pontus Nergren, backed by a kick drum battery from David Wallin. The pace picks up midway when twin lead work rages away and eases out elegantly on serene chords. The title track is an anthem in the making as it pulses along towards big band vocals backing the iron lungs of lead vocalist Joacim Cans. ‘Testify’ is a chest beating roar of power metal guitar overload. A future live favourite seems assured for ‘One Against The World’. Melodies weave around another powerhouse drum display as it gallops off into a Maidenesque end. A patriotic ‘(We Make) Sweden Rock’ riffs along on intense lyrics. A breather is supplied by the beautiful balladry of ‘Second To One’.

We’re back on the heavy stuff as ‘Scars Of A Generation’ hurtles along with tempos that ensure air guitars should be at the ready for twin guitar madness as Joacim soars high. Another glorious pounder comes from ‘Dead By Dawn’, real feel good heavy metal delivered with intent, point proven by the huge choruses sung with aplomb. ‘Battleworn’ is a brief instrumental to ‘Bloodline’, the heaviest track by far here as it seismically powers towards a marching beat like midsection. ‘Chain Of Command’ is no slouch either with a call to arms feel driving it along backed by a banshee scream vocals. The album ends all too soon with an emotional heavy ballad ‘And Yet I Smile’. Majestic twin lead breaks cut through the bombast for one last hurrah.

Dominion album track listing :-

Never Forgive, Never Forget.



One Against The World.

(We Make) Sweden Rock.

Second To One.

Scars Of A Generation.

Dead By Dawn.



Chain Of Command.

And Yet I Smile.


A dozen screaming power metal dizbusters from Hammerfall.

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