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On 24 May 2014
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An essential release for any music collection worthy of note.

With this new release from InMe entitled ‘The Destinations EP’, the band returned to what has been an extremely successful tool for them ininme-destinations(1) the past Pledge Music. The past Pledge Music campaign for their fifth studio album racked up a whopping 314%, a percentage of which they donated to The Alzheimer’s Society. So it seems logical that they would have chosen to return to this avenue, which has subsequently raised 124% of their target for this EP.

This four track EP is worth every pound pledgers have spent on it. This band are so musically well accomplished, they know how to get the best out of their instruments, each other and themselves. They know when to push the sound and when to pull it back. It is talent like this that you only wish was better recognised, but at the same time being grateful it isn’t because you want to keep them for yourself.

First song Anthemusa opens delicately exposing Dave McPherson’s accented vocal – there is something unique about his voice, I just cannot quite find the words to explain it – before it picks up in full indie glory for the chorus. The verses remain stripped back and the bridge sees a relatively simple yet colourfully effective, rock inspired, guitar solo.

InMe’s songwriting never fails to intrigue, inspire and capture the listener and Beached Whales is no exception. A beautiful song about disbelief, which seems to combine hints of Matt Bellamy (of Muse) style vocals on the higher notes Dave sings, but throwing in his gravel tone too, so you remember who you are listening to. This blended with some gentle acoustic guitar helps to create my favourite song on this EP.

The chorus of Driftwood Figurines will undoubtedly have InMe fans belting the words back at the band. A sweet wee solo from Gazz Marlow brings the tone back, before InMe unleash themselves back on us.

These three songs herald the direction InMe seem to be headed in with their forthcoming album scheduled for release in 2015 known only as Triple Album, but for those missing some classic InMe Pelorus Jack is just for you, with great musicianship from all four members of the band, showing they haven’t forgotten where they started and what drew everyone who funded this EP to them in the first place.

InMe have a core group of fans and eighteen years down the line I do not see them branching out too much beyond this core group, but who cares when your fans care. As a band they never fail to deliver on an album, an E.P. or in a live scenario. This is a fantastic release and is an asset to any music collection; any music collection worthy of note should have at least one InMe release in it and this is as good a place as any to start.

Track list
1. Anthemusa
2. Beached Whales
3. Driftwood Figurines
4. Pelorus Jack

An essential release for any music collection worthy of note.

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