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On 25 June 2019
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If you don't speak or understand German then you're not going to get the most out of this album as you miss out on the humour.

German band JBO aren’t very well known outside Germany (or German speaking countries anyway). It’s not just the fact they sing in German – Rammstein have proved that isnt an obstacle for international success, it’s more the fact they’re a comedy band and so not understanding the lyrics takes a lot away from their music. So outside Germany they aren’t a big name yet inside Germany it’s a different matter and their new album is their 13th in their 30 year career that has seen them regularly play festivals such as Wacken Open Air where they’re easily spotted with their pink and black amps and pink/white drumkit.

Despite not understanding German it’s clear where some of the songs have come from – “Wer Lässt Die Sau Raus?!” for example is instantly recognisable as the Baha Men’s hit “Who let the dogs out”, but sung in German and I suspect with some changes to the lyrics. It actually sounds better than the original (although that’s not difficult).

Have a listen to “Hoffen Und Bangen”…

Another easily recognised song is “Weil’s Quatsch Ist” – a cover of MC Hammer’s “Can’t touch this”, although from the frequent references to JBO it’s clear the lyrics aren’t a direct translation from the original.

Check out “Durst”…

It’s a tricky one to sum up. If you don’t speak or understand German then you’re not going to get the most out of this album. The key question is whether it’s still enjoyable to listen to when you’re missing out on the humour. The musicianship is very good and some of the songs really are quite enjoyable but I can’t help feel like I’m missing out.

“Happy birthday” has some English lyrics and some German.

An album for German speakers to check out.

“Wer lässt die Sau raus” will be released on 28th June 2019

Track listing:

01 – Überfall
02 – Mach Noch Eins Auf!
03 – Wer Lässt Die Sau Raus?!
04 – Hoffen Und Bangen
05 – Durst
06 – Depp
07 – Weil’s Quatsch Ist
08 – Schlimmer Geht Immer
09 – Die Beste Stadt Der Welt
10 – In Meinem Kühlschrank Brennt Noch Licht
11 – Happy Birthday
12 – Hochzeitspunk
13 – Hochzeitsmarsch
14 – Heavy Metal Baby
15 – Hallo Bie

If you don't speak or understand German then you're not going to get the most out of this album as you miss out on the humour.

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