Knock Out Kaine – Wildside, The Salutation, Nottingham: 7th March 2015

knock out kaine tourKnock Out Kaine, a four piece Rock band from Lincoln, released their second album ‘Rise of the Electric Jester’ on 2nd March, with an album launch show in their hometown of Lincoln. The first night of their UK tour (see poster and any additional dates here) took place at The Salutation in Nottingham prior to Wildside, their monthly sleaze/glam/hair metal club night. The Salutation is an old inn not far from the shopping centre and Nottingham Castle, convenient for transport links and very close to some of Nottingham’s many hotels. A decent sized pub with a warren of rooms and reasonable bar prices with the gig and club night being held upstairs. The stage is in front of what becomes the dance floor with a bar area and seating adjacent.  A blown up copy of the ‘Rise of the Electric Jester’ album cover made a stage back drop.

Dean Foxx – Knock Out Kaine

I was already intending to go to Wildside this particular night and having seen Knock Out Kaine before (see here) I was pleased when I heard they would be playing that night. Knock Out Kaine opened the show with 16 Grams of a Heart Attack the first track from the new album with Dean’s vocals reminding me of  Buckcherry’s Josh Todd and, with it’s great rhythm and catchy riffs, it got the show off to a rousing start. Although the venue wasn’t full at this stage, there were plenty of whoops and cheers from the small but appreciative audience and Dean said ‘Thank you very much! Nice to get the clap here!’ The next song Cascading was also from the new album and the melody in the chorus, in this one, matches the hourly chimes of Lincoln Cathedral (and no, I didn’t pick that up from listening to the song at the show, it was in the press info I got. Next time I go to Lincoln I’m going to compare the two though!). Next came Set The Night on Fire from their first album ‘House of Sins’ with it’s great riffage it got a few people dancing along to the beat and got a few cheers at the end and a ‘Cheers, Sal’ from Dean. Sal being a shortened version of (The) Salutation and not directed to anyone in the audience, well I think that was the case anyway!

Knock Out Kaine

A good thing about The Sal is that there is a large screen above the stage which was relaying the concert in black and white and, although the venue wasn’t so big that it needed the screen, it meant for anyone who wanted or needed to sit at the side they still got a view of the action. Up to this point Dean had been wearing shades, a leather jacket and hat and he announced ‘I can’t see a fucking thing with these on!’ and took the shades off ‘There you are, all four of you!’ Although it’s a shame more people weren’t out to support a great live act before the club, the audience wasn’t that sparse! The band still played with the same energy and enthusiasm I’ve seen them play to a bigger crowd anyway. Dean said that they were very happy with the ‘Rise of the Electric Jester’ (review on PlanetMosh here) and that ‘doors are opening, but not the right ones, toilets and urinals!’ and the next song Ain’t Your Kind is going to be their next video release, with the video having being recorded only the day before the show. After this one Dean said ‘Cheers me dears, the hat’s coming off, so glad I did my roots’ which led to shouts of ‘Roots Bloody Roots‘ but the band didn’t launch into Sepultura, Dean picked up the pink and gold guitar which I’d been admiring for a while and said ‘This one’s about infidelity’ Back Street Romeo and this one has a bit of Guns n’ Roses vibe with Dean actually sounding more like Axl Rose than Josh Todd this time and the song had Jimmy playing some screaming riffs. A popular one and a guy in the audience shouted ‘Awesome’ afterwards, to which, Dean replied ‘Thanks’

Coming Home was introduced as ‘Another one from first album. A bit hairy, sweaty, smells a bit like cheese, blue cheese’ (never thought of comparing songs to cheese in reviews, but could be a plan!) A mellow song with Dean with his shades back on, and playing solo before the others gradually joined in with Jimmy playing some powerful riffage and with a short drum roll end from Danny. ‘Cheers’ said Dean ‘That was off the first album, if everyone buys merchandise we won’t have to keep eating cat food. We’ll probably look a lot better’ Boxes and Flying Blind both from ‘Rise of the Electric Jester’ followed. Boxes being one I liked and remembered from when I’ve seen them before. At some point Dean was on his knees and was crawling to the front of stage. I had thought it was part of the show, as I didn’t see him fall, but I’m not sure now as he said afterwards it was a ‘Dangerous cocktail of not being able to see and having Cuban heels on’

Dean Foxx – Knock Out Kaine

Another one I remembered came next Little Crystal which is all about drugs and saw Dean being expressive and at one point tapping his head. More great riffs and a strong bass line ending with the words ‘She ain’t no fool’ Then came the more bluesy Time and Dean looked at his wrist and asked ‘What is the fucking time?’ It was 10.25pm but someone shouted ‘7 O’Clock!’ Erm…. wrong gig! The venue was getting busier and Dean said ‘Why doesn’t everyone have a clap? A bit of a festival feel to this tiny little place!’ and people were clapping along to the beat. Then we came to time on this particular gig ‘This is our final number from our second album ‘Rise of The Electric Jester’ which was only released Monday. If you buy it here it’s cheaper than the shop. One More For the Road. Nottingham, been a pleasure to be here again. Thanks a lot’ This one included a countdown ‘Five, four, three, two One More For the Road’ one with a funky vibe which got lot’s of applause. Dean asked again ‘What’s the time’ some joker shouted ‘It’s Beer O’Clock!’ and Dean replied ‘No One knows? Might as well do one more then. This is our last one’ and the last song was House of Sins the title track from the first album with a Motley Crue’s Too Fast For Love flavour. By this time Dean was dripping sweat. ‘We are Knock Out Kaine. It’s been a pleasure. See you at the bar’ Although time was up for the band, they stayed on for Wildside which playing some great sleazy tunes and kept the dance-floor packed for the rest of the night!

It had been a Knock Out show from Knock Out Kaine with a good mix of songs from both of their albums, some faster, some mellower. There should be something to appeal to everyone. They’re currently on tour so keep checking their Facebook page or website, links below, for a date near you. I won’t have to wait too long to see them again, they are playing Manchester on Thursday but I can’t make the show so was pleased to see they have been added to the billing with Confess and Fallen Mafia at Rebellion, Manchester on 17th April that’s one stellar line-up and I’ll definitely be there!

Knock Out Kaine

Set List:
16 Grams of a Heart Attack
Set the Night on Fire
Ain’t Your Kind
Backstreet Romeo
Coming Home
Flying Blind
Little Crystal
One More for the Road
House of Sins

Band Members:
Dean Foxx – Lead Vox
Jimmy Bohemian – Guitar
Lee Byrne – Bass
Danny Krash – Drums




PlanetMosh Interview Knock Out Kaine: YouTube Link

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