MACBETH – ‘Weiderganger’

The German Thrash merchants unleash a powerful beast of an album.

The bands history could honestly read like a play from the great bard himself, banned from playing live in their native East Germany, two tragic suicides, splits, reformations, line up changes, the dramas seem never ending, how on earth the band have reached this point in their careers is nothing short of amazing.

It may however have had something to do with signing to a certain German record label that seem to have an uncanny knack in signing bands and letting them flourish.

And so to current release ‘Wiedergänger’, an album that represents a lot of blood, sweat and tears in the making but in my eyes, symbolises the band emerging from all the previous trials and tribulations in to a new and positive era.

The whole album is sung in the bands native German tongue, which I guess will automatically draw comparisons with Rammstein, D.A.R., etc but the language is really the only connecting thread, these guys have their own identity and sound, a sound which beautifully combines elements of Thrash with Heavy Metal and Folk to excellent effect. Opener ’Kamikaze’ sets things rolling nicely with its Japanese drumbeat and chanting before launching into a neck breaking onslaught of pure Metal.

The awesome ’Fleisch’ is an absolute gem of a track, fist pumping riffs backed by powerhouse drumming and a killer solo. The title track is one of those Thrash/ Metal anthems that builds and builds whilst it bounces you along, dragging you kicking and screaming in its wake. The entire album is superbly produced by former drummer Patrick W Engel, who should have a huge accolade placed on him for this project, which must have been very close to his heart.

Album closer ’Macbeth’ alone should satisfy most Metal fans whatever your favourite genre as it encapsulates the spirit of what the music’s about, classic riffs, excellent solos, great percussion and vocal, really, what’s not to like. An excellent album from a band that surely deserve a fair share of success.

Rating 8/10.

Track Listing;
1. Kamikaze.
2. Fritz H.
3. Begraben.
4. Fleisch.
5. Stück für Stück.
6. Gladiator.
7. Weiderganger.
8. Stalingrad – Kanonenfutter.
9. Stalingrad – Untergang.
10. Stalingrad – Das Kreuz.

Olli Hippauf – Vocals.
Ralf Klein – Guitars.
Alexander Kopp – Guitars.
Hanjo Papst – Bass.
Simon Mengs – Drums.

Out now via Massacre Records.


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