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On March 7, 2021
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A glam metal song that still stands the test of time.


Rewind 47 years to when I was 10 years old at a Woodside Primary School disco in Oswestry, standing in the corner eating a Jammie Dodger washed down with watered down orange squash.

All of a sudden I hear an air raid siren, then a huge riff and the unmistakable vocals of Brian Connolly of The Sweet and ‘Blockbuster’ was imprinted in my brain forever! I’ve loved this band since then so fast forward to the present day as they release a radio edit of ‘Set Me Free’, taken from the now available Isolation Boulevard album.

Recorded during the lockdown in 2020, it’s a rework of the US version of Desolation Boulevard released in 1974. Every song is a stone cold classic and ‘Set Me Free’ is one of the heavier songs taken from it. Only guitarist Andy Scott remains from the early years that saw them sell 55 million albums and 34 #1 hit singles.

Andy has amassed a formidable band to do these songs justice and their twist on ‘Set Me Free’ had me smiling like a Cheshire cat! It has a longer intro than the 1974 version to make it even heavier as it races off full throttle on those classic grooves and trademark spotlight stealing vocals from Paul Manzi. The midway guitar break from Andy still sends chills after all these years as the song crashes back in for the fiery finale.

Links to the band can be found here along with the purchase link for Isolation Boulevard :- https://www.facebook.com/TheSweetOfficial

…….http://www.thesweet.com ………

The Sweet band line up :-

Andy Scott – Guitar/Vocals.

Lee Small – Bass Guitar/Vocals.

Bruce Bisland – Drums/Vocals.

Steve Mann – Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals.

Paul Manzi – Lead Vocals.

A glam metal song that still stands the test of time.

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